Case Study: Reducing Dataset Refresh Time with Microsoft Dynamics 365


NSquare Xperts used SharePoint as a dataset in which the client had over 400,000 records to create a Power BI report. However, when the data was refreshed to obtain the most recent information from SharePoint to Power BI, the process took longer than usual and eventually showed a timeout error. 


Process: SharePoint To Microsoft Power BI 

Through Power BI’s Get Data option, we could connect SharePoint and import data into Microsoft Power BI. This is the first step to creating a connection between SharePoint and Microsoft Power BI. Once this is done, the user can then generate reports and dashboards with visuals and charts. 

To address this issue, NSquare Xperts implemented a dataflow within the Power BI Service.

Steps that we followed to Create a Dataflow in Power BI Service:  



  • Faster Refresh: Using a dataflow significantly reduced the refresh time from hours to less than a minute. 
  • Scalability: Dataflows can handle the load efficiently as your dataset increases. 


To minimize the refresh time, NSquare Xperts created a dataflow in Power BI Service which remarkably dropped it from 4-5 hours to less than a minute. This resulted in faster insights and improved efficiency. 

Client Profile:  

The client is a facilities management company that provides a holistic and integrated facilities management solution in the UAE. 

Technologies Supported:  

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365  
  • Microsoft Power BI  
  • SharePoint 

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