NSquare introduces the integration of ChatBot into the MS Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365).

ChatBot for MS CRM is an extremely powerful feature coupled with your MS CRM which will help - streamline, capture all the relevant conversations directly in MS CRM. Read on for how it will work
Bot is the service which interacts with users. Bots are like virtual assistance which can give answers of question and help user to get the things one faster without any human. We can easily develop the ChatBot Application by using the Microsoft Azure Bot Service, Cognitive Services.
Practically most viable solution to streamline how you deal with your on the fly visitors, enquiries and actionables, with quick turn arounds and instant workflow management.

A domain agnostic solution

Sales and Opportunity Management process

Step 1

Once contact is Received, lead is created

Step 2

Once Bot collect the enough information, a Contact is created

Step 3

When Bot starts collection the product information, Opportunity and Quotes are created

Step 4

When customer asks any questions, Bot check the knowledge base and provide appropraite answer

Step 5

Quotes will be send to customer over an email

Step 6

Once customer is agreed to quote, Order is created

Step 7

Once payment details are collected, Invoice is generated

Step 8

When customer is satisfied with the answer then Survey Entry is created