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Microsoft CRM for 

Chatbot for Microsoft CRM

Streamline, Capture all the relevant conversations directly in MS CRM. ChatBot Application by using the Microsoft Azure Bot Service & Cognitive Services. Deal with your on the fly visitors, enquiries and actionables, with quick turn arounds and instant workflow management.

Chatbot integration with Dynamics CRM

Chatbots in Dynamics CRM

NSquare introduces the integration of ChatBot into the MS Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365).


A Domain Agnostic





HR and Office Support




Improved conversion rates

ChatBot can take care of routine tasks, sales responses etc. Attending the lead and resolve rudimentary as well as complex queries with prompt response, which inturn helps prospects to get necessary information and further gravitates towards prospects of conversion.

Smart CRM

It can be little tedious to manage the data into system using CRM. To log the data into the system, switching multiple tabs / CRM Screens. It takes efforts and time. Also at times it might be complex workflows/process to input and save the data. Chatbot integration feature actually can be pre-programmed to handle information and seamlessly update the same in the CRM.

Customer intelligence

ChatBot can also integrate with messenger, email, social media, ERP to retrieve data from different sources. The data can be anything like purchase history, transaction history, Product information, User Activities etc.


Sales and Opportunity Management

Call Icon

Step 1

Once contact is Received, lead is created

CRM Records Icon

Step 3

When Bot starts collection the product information, Opportunity and Quotes are created

Incoming Call Icon

Step 2

Once Bot collect the enough information, a Contact is created

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