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Learn about NSquare Xperts, a leading company specializing in Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce implementation, customization, and development. Discover how our expertise can transform your business operations and drive growth.

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At NSquare, our clients experience in-depth technology consulting with the latest and greatest solutions that suit their business. Our continuous vigilance towards technology and operational enhancement allows us to stay on top of every aspect of delivery. NSquare follows the best industry trends and practices for more robust implementation. It is our candid effort to bring more value to our clients. Be it project execution or consulting solutions, we follow a streamlined process to leverage every possibility along with development methodologies that bring about immaculate harmony in project execution. NSquare’s idea incubation and proactive assistance towards creating POCs (proofs of concept) enable clients to identify and formalize additional aspects of the project. Thus, we provide value-added and additional support to our clients with ideas or more valid solutions based on the identified project touch points, enabling refined visualization and insight into the project. NSquare has a strict quality-driven approach, wherein no factors are compromised when it comes to quality.

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We work with clients panning across verticals including Retail, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality, Insurance, and Human resources. We have been working at the forefront of CRM and xRM technologies for a long time, thus enabling us to have a lucid understanding of customer hurdles and pain areas to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions. We understand technology dynamics and proliferation along with rising cost pressures that clients face. An acumen that has been a primary drive for our continuous pursuit of delivery excellence.

4 countries, 13 geographies, 9 industries

Global Presence

WTC Pune, india

With 110 and a strong team of experts in CRM with expertise in Dynamics & Salesforce for over 10 years


Presales and subject market experts with experience in country-specific compliance and regulations


Presales and subject market experts with experience in country-specific compliance and regulations


Presales and subject market experts with experience in country-specific compliance and regulations



And  Achievements 

The Best Digital & Business Solution Providers

The Enterprise World – 2022

The Most Admired Companies of the Year


The Enterprise World – 2021

25 ERP-CRM Providers in India


The CEO Magazine – 2022

Best Employer 2023

By our own staff in India.  It really means to us hence it’s featured here.

Management team


Nilesh Kankariya

After a decade long experience with IT solutioning and a strong expertise with CRM, this led to build the foundation for NSquare. As a founder, Nilesh is consistently inspired and thrives to create a quality driven environment. His virtues are well rooted to make a primary drive towards technology, value and efficiency. Nilesh believes that regardless the size of the company, what matters is the quality of delivery which really counts and goes a long way. While, benchmarking based on the excellence and strategies laid down by the industry leaders, Nilesh, further brainstorms on newer ways to create an edge for providing unparalleled IT solutions.

Nitesh Kankariya

With a strong interest in applying his technological knowledge to solve complex business problems. Throughout his fifteen plus years in the industry, he has collaborated with business stakeholders to deliver innovation on behalf of customers. 

He Keeps NSquare in sync with the changing times and many a times ahead of the times in terms of technology and solutions,  making sure we provide the latest solutions to our clients at all time. In short he Keeps us relevant. 


Kirit Mandavgane

Kirit forms a part of leadership team at NSquare. He heads the sales and Business Development department. Kirit devises and implements operational and business strategies. His ground up experience allows him to perceive business aspects from a miniscule to larger significant levels, making him adept in strategizing in diverse market scenarios. Kirit has been responsible to augment and laying down the road map for NSquare to create its position in highly proliferated market. His line of execution also includes reviewing, formulating, refining and creating process driven environment throughout the organization.

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This call will be your business roadmap to success with Dynamics 365 & Salesforce, covering:

1. Defining your goals: Share your unique business challenges and how Dynamics 365 & Salesforce can empower your journey

2. Weighing the options: We’ll explore the strengths and potential drawbacks of Dynamics 365 & Salesforce for your specific context.

3. Maximizing your ROI: Discover expert tips on optimizing your Dynamics 365 & Salesforce investment and driving full team adoption.

4. Unleashing productivity: Leam how Dynamics 365 & Salesforce can enhance the performance of your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support teams.

5. Automating workflows: Streamline operations by identifying key business processes you can automate with Dynamics 365 & Salesforce.

6. Trimming the fat: We’ll delve into efficient cost-saving strategies for Dynamics 365 & Salesforce administration, keeping your budget lean.

7. Data integrity at its best: Discover best practices for maintaining clean, duplicate-free CRM data, ensuring clear insights

8. Breaking down silos: Learn how Dynamics 365 & Salesforce consolidates data across departments and regions, fostering seamless collaboration

9. Adapting to the future: Explore strategies for evolving your Dynamics 365 & Salesforce alongside your growing business needs.

10. Partnering for success: We’ll discuss the exciting world of becoming a Dynamics 365 & Salesforce partner and building your own AppExchange apps.

This call is your chance to transform Dynamics 365 & Salesforce from a tool into a powerful engine for growth. Let’s dive in and create a customized roadmap for your unique business journey!

Bonus: Throughout the discussion, expect valuable insights real-world examples, and tailored recommendations to make the most of your Dynamics 365 &  Salesforce CRM experience.