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WhatsApp Integration

Elevate customer engagement with NSquare Xperts’ D365 WhatsApp integration. Improve sales, marketing, and customer service with seamless WhatsApp integration. Enhance conversation engagement and deliver personalized experiences with our innovative integration solutions.

WhatsApp Integration


Dynamics Connector will provide efficient two-way communication with their customers, depending on their needs. Customers can directly contact you for additional information or assistance through WhatsApp.

Multimedia Attachments

With the inclusion of 7 different multimedia attachments - audio, video, documents, images, location, contact information, and text, you can answer customer queries & relevant details.

Automated Messages and Quick Replies

With quick replies, you can send more messages with less effort. The system will not keep customers waiting! Respond to customers during business hours to keep them updated & never lose touch with your prospects.

Technical Overview

WhatsApp Integration Benefits

WhatsApp enables instant one-to-one and group messaging, facilitating quick and efficient communication among team members and with clients.

Connect with customers on a personal level by sending tailored messages, updates, and promotions directly to their WhatsApp, fostering a more intimate customer-business relationship.

Share multimedia content such as images, videos, and documents, allowing for a more comprehensive exchange of information.

Implement chatbots and automation to handle routine inquiries, appointment scheduling, and order processing, reducing the workload on human resources and enhancing operational efficiency.

WhatsApp is a widely used global messaging platform, allowing businesses to connect with a diverse, international audience seamlessly.

Use WhatsApp to execute targeted marketing campaigns, promotions, and announcements, reaching customers directly on a platform they frequently use.


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