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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now even better, which also includes innovative project management modules; Field Service and Project Service for Professional Services. Making Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool most viable for this sector.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional Services

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A Quick Overview

Characteristics And Proficiency Ratings

Field service allows you to define criteria for projects and set them as a requirement in any work order. Your staff have their own profile within Dynamics CRM and are able to define their proficiencies. CRM will make recommendations based on these proficiencies matching them to the defined criteria, ensuring your clients get the right … Characteristics And Proficiency Ratings Read More »

Mobile Enabled

Your staff will often work in the field and be away from the office, without access to regular IT equipment. Field Service is accessible on an array of devices and optimized for use on mobile.

Shares Resources With Project Service

Items from Project Service feed into field service, offering a range of contextual data for staff in the field.

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