Field Service Automation Software Powered by Dynamics 365

Revolutionize field service management with NSquare Xperts’ CRM solutions. Empower technicians, managers, and schedulers with mobile CRM implementations. Enhance customer interactions and service delivery with our innovative CRM systems.

7 things
to make your field service rock

System Driven Efficiency

System-driven efficiency maximizes productivity by automating processes and optimizing resource allocation.

Better Work Order, Asset Management

Streamlined work order and asset management enhances operational efficiency by centralizing tracking, scheduling, and maintenance processes.

True, Useful Integrations

True, useful integrations seamlessly connect diverse systems, fostering enhanced collaboration and maximizing workflow efficiency.

Better Inventory Capabilities

Improved inventory capabilities empower businesses with real-time visibility, precise tracking, and strategic insights for optimized stock management.

Better Customer Experience

Elevating customer experience involves personalized interactions, streamlined processes, and prompt resolution, fostering lasting satisfaction and loyalty.

Making WhatsApp work for you

Unlock the full potential of WhatsApp by leveraging its communication features for efficient collaboration, customer engagement, and seamless information exchange.

IOT Enabled? Unlock the Power

IoT-enabled solutions unlock the power of interconnected devices, enabling real-time data insights, automation, and enhanced efficiency across diverse applications.

Boost Field Service efficiency

Powered by Dynamics 365.
Automate with confidence, FieSA features Industry’s most robust engine for field service automation, under its hood. 

tested in the field

FieSA is a product of 15 years of software craftsmanship, super specialized for the field service industry. 
Automate All Areas Of Your Field Service Operations.
Reliable – Efficient – Scalable

Features in detail

System Driven Efficiency

Never miss a scheduled task again!
Our cutting-edge app enhances technician experience on-site with summarized and critical information provided at their fingertips.

Experience real-time access to work orders, customer details, and schedules. Stay informed and responsive.

Monitor your field technicians in real-time on a map ensuring accurate scheduling and prompt responses to service requests.

Effortlessly capture images/video and quickly share detailed work summaries and reports enhancing transparency and communication.

Prioritize technicians’ safety with Health and safety measures reducing on-site risks.

Our AI-based scheduling, automation, and work order assignments lead to a higher rate of FCR.

Leverage AI for skill-based routing, optimise technicians’ schedules, reducing travel time and boosting efficiency

Easily capture work details and notes by using speech-to-text technology saving valuable time.

From installation to maintenance keep a comprehensive record of every asset’s history ensuring you provide top-notch services.

Seamless automation to ensure efficient task creation, tracking and completion.

Streamline PPM by auto task generation and scheduling, proactively enhancing asset performance.

Speed up locating asset details and history saving your time and efforts.

Better Work Order, Asset Management

True, Useful Integrations

If you have an API, I can connect with you.

This means instant access and updates on real-time inventory levels, orders, & customer data.

Effortlessly allows us to view and update job details, schedules, and progress.

Keeps your HR management in sync and enables efficient tracking of work hours, leave requests, and performance data.

Streamline the billing process, reducing manual data entry and errors.

Don’t worry if you have a legacy app, our app allows you to modernize your operations without disrupting established processes.

View inventory levels, order parts and track usage from the field

Efficiently assign and manage technician’s schedules, reassign and optimize with our AI capabilities. 

Store and access essential documents, articles, and manuals on the go.

Whether it’s from one main warehouse to another or a technician on-site, our app simplifies the process.

Stay ahead of the inventory shortage, notifying ensuring you never run out of crucial parts or products.

Gain valuable insights, monitor usage, and make decisions to optimize your inventory.

Keep track of product warranties to ensure timely repairs or replacement.

Manage and track product returns efficiently reducing hassles with ease. 

Better Inventory Capabilities

Better Customer Experience

Say goodbye to lengthy calls and emails, and schedule service appointments at your convenience on the date that works best for you with a few taps on your device.

No more delays in accepting quotes, review and accept quotes with ease.

Pay for the services directly through the app and electronically sign off to confirm your satisfaction with our job completion.

Goodbye to the complex process, simply send a message or initiate a chat our system understands your needs and generates work orders promptly.

Be it job progress, ETAs or important notifications keep your customers well-informed through WhatsApp.

Hassle-free service payments via WhatsApp making transactions quick and convenient.

Gather valuable feedback effortlessly after service is completed directly through WhatsApp.

Making WhatsApp work for you

IOT Enabled? Unlock the Power

Seamlessly connect IOT devices to manage and monitor assets remotely ensuring optimal performance and reducing downtime.

Let IOT devices do the work by automatically generating work orders when required.

Reduce costs with IOT before they become expensive problems through predictive maintenance.

Empower your team with IOT insights with real-time information access and efficient troubleshooting.

“FieSA- Field Service Automation at its best”

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4. Operational ease towards customer and technician usability.

5. Future readiness and adaptability towards AI and IOT.

6. Examples walk-through and how our customers have benefited with our solution.

7. Integrations with current systems and much more towards integration on ERPs, WhatsApp and Telephony etc.

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