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We and salesforce have a history

Since 2013 in salesforce consulting, we have come across and solved many business problems and crafted many client success stories. 

There’s never been a more comfortable way to scale operations or move up from legacy systems. Our consultations, services, and products are built for scale, mistake, and seamless transition.

Our Salesforce expertise

Setup & Optimisation

Defining Clear Objectives Conducting a complete Business Process Review Plan Data Migration Customize to business requirements implementing Best Practices Continuously Monitoring and Improvisation

Integrations &AppExchange

Assess integration Needs Define Integration Objectives Choose Integration Tools and Technologies Design Integration Architecture Implement Monitor and Maintain

Marketing Automation

Understand Your Audience Lead Scoring and Nurturing Personalize Customer Experiences Automate Marketing Workflows integrate with Marketing Channels Monitor and analyze the performance.

Custom Development

Customization Efforts Design Custom Solutions Develop and Test Customizations Implement Change Management Processes Provide User Training and Support Monitor formance and Feedback

Our Salesforce Competency

Sales cloud

Automate your sales processes to efficiency. Salesforce CPQ – Create quotes and invoices at the touch of a button and add accompanying materials, conditions, or electronic signature options.

Service cloud

Augment customer experience and customer interaction. Make the best out of your customer-centric internal streamlining for more effective services. Contact Center – Connect with your customers through contact center technology and CTI

Marketing Cloud

Create personalized customer journeys and know more about your customers while serving them with the best they need.

Commerce Cloud

B2C Commerce Cloud – Elevate your shopping experience and gain comprehensive insights into your customer’s behavior. B2B Commerce Cloud – CRM and E-commerce offers access to precise customer data from sales, service, marketing, and trade.

Experience Cloud

Quickly and easily create next-generation communities and portals that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.

Einstein Analytics

Create AI-driven analytics to visualize trends and data for more powerful decision making.

Salesforce Platform

Salesforce App Cloud allows you to build and deploy your applications. Salesforce Mobile – Nothing is out of reach with all the vital information right at your fingertips. Access information through mobile devices. Create workflows and much more.

Industries We Work With

Salesforce application and customisation

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This call will be your business roadmap to success with Salesforce, covering:

1. Defining your goals: Share your unique business challenges and how Salesforce can empower your jourmey

2. Weighing the options: We’ll explore the strengths and potential drawbacks of Salesforce for your specific context.

3. Maximizing your ROI: Discover expert tips on optimizing your Salesforce investment and driving full team adoption.

4. Unleashing productivity: Leam how Salesforce can enhance the performance of your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support teams.

5. Automating workflows: Streamline operations by identifying key business processes you can automate with Salesforce.

6. Trimming the fat: We’ll delve into efficient cost-saving strategies for Salesforce administration, keeping your budget lean.

7. Data integrity at its best: Discover best practices for maintaining clean, duplicate-free CRM data, ensuring clear insights

8. Breaking down silos: Learn how Salesforce consolidates data across departments and regions, fostering seamless collaboration

9. Adapting to the future: Explore strategies for evalving your Salesforce alongside your growing business needs.

10. Partnering for success: We’ll discuss the exciting world of becoming a Salesforce partner and building your own AppExchange apps.

This call is your chance to transform Salesforce from a tool into a powerful engine for growth. Let’s dive in and create a customized roadmap for your unique business journey!

Bonus: Throughout the discussion, expect valuable insights real-world examples, and tailored recommendations to make the most of your Salesforce experience.