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Call Integra

Improve communication and customer service with NSquareXperts’ D365 telephony integration. Enhance call center operations for hospitals, banks, and colleges. Streamline CRM processes and provide better support with our integrated telephony solutions.

Main Features

Optimizing Business Communication

Streamlined telephony activity within your business.

Elevating Customer Experience

Improved customer relationships, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

Maximizing Call Efficiency

Increased telephone call efficiency throughout.

Boosting Business Productivity

Increased business productivity gives me title for this.

Smart Solutions for Cost-Efficient Development

Reduced development costs with ease of deployment and implementation.

Mastering Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Support Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and Online

how it works

the process

Initiate an Outgoing Call

A call can be started by simply selecting of item like contact. The user can dial a number by using a dialer and call using the call button.

Call Receive/End:

The call can be received using the receive button and end call by end button.

Create CRM Records

Users can directly create a contact by clicking the contact button. The contact form will be open. Likewise, users can create Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Cases.

Call Integra Application Flow

Explore our services to learn more what areas of your business we can help you with. 

NSquare understands Dynamics CRM implementation complications with multiple successful projects under our belt.


It’s easy to have Dynamics CRM work along with other Microsoft applications.


NSquare helps businesses to capture their process and best practices harnessed in the Dynamics environment.


We have devised tried and tested methods to streamline the migration of complex data.

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This call will be your business roadmap to success with Salesforce, covering:

1. Defining your goals: Share your unique business challenges and how Salesforce can empower your jourmey

2. Weighing the options: We’ll explore the strengths and potential drawbacks of Salesforce for your specific context.

3. Maximizing your ROI: Discover expert tips on optimizing your Salesforce investment and driving full team adoption.

4. Unleashing productivity: Leam how Salesforce can enhance the performance of your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support teams.

5. Automating workflows: Streamline operations by identifying key business processes you can automate with Salesforce.

6. Trimming the fat: We’ll delve into efficient cost-saving strategies for Salesforce administration, keeping your budget lean.

7. Data integrity at its best: Discover best practices for maintaining clean, duplicate-free CRM data, ensuring clear insights

8. Breaking down silos: Learn how Salesforce consolidates data across departments and regions, fostering seamless collaboration

9. Adapting to the future: Explore strategies for evalving your Salesforce alongside your growing business needs.

10. Partnering for success: We’ll discuss the exciting world of becoming a Salesforce partner and building your own AppExchange apps.

This call is your chance to transform Salesforce from a tool into a powerful engine for growth. Let’s dive in and create a customized roadmap for your unique business journey!

Bonus: Throughout the discussion, expect valuable insights real-world examples, and tailored recommendations to make the most of your Salesforce experience.