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Every organization needs a robust system for better management so why not Healthcare Provider? There are obviously multiple entities in play when it comes to smooth functioning of Healthcare Provider side operations. There are Vendors, Doctors and Therapist, Pharmacy Department, Virtual Office Agents or Service Agents, Medical Equipment Company, Laboratories, Service and many more departments, the list is long. Managing all this calls for a single unified system to handle them all at one place. Standard CRM and ERP systems provide that option, but, are they robust? While there are many options available, but yet Microsoft Dynamic CRM remains one of the most promising. Well if we talk about robust and effective Dynamics CRM system on modern days - Microsoft Dynamics remain as one the most go to options, which is not just a CRM system but is packed with ERP capabilities as well.

Customer Engagement

As a healthcare provider you want to proactive engage with customers (patients) for better customer satisfaction. Proactive engagement with customer empower your staff to provide associative service. Dynamics CRM makes it easy to engage with customers, companies and other parties using various type of activities such as Phone call, Email, Campaign, Tasks, Appointments, Letter and Faxes. Staff can easily track their previous activities and create a new Lead or Opportunity based on organizations internal factors.

Optimized Efficiency, Satisfied Customers

Healthcare providers are highly focused on providing better customer satisfaction and improve resource productivity at the same time it still remains as daunting task. Dynamics CRM provides an advance scheduling, predictive servicing, resource optimization and many other improvements so that a resource can be productive and customer satisfaction can be increased at a same time.

Patient Information

Healthcare professionals in your organization can track various activities related to patient, patient interaction across providers and departments. With help of patient activities and other relevant information, providers can quickly address patient’s need which leads to a better journey with patient towards their health.

Case Management

There are many scenarios where multiple doctors and doctors work on a single case in healthcare organization. It is not always easy to track time and activities of multiple doctors and departments over a single case, which sometimes leads to make cases even more complex. Dynamics provide a very easy to use case management feature which helps to track all the relevant information and time taken on every activity of a case.

Reports and Document Management

It is very difficult to manage all relevant documents of a patient, organization, staff, departments and other parties. Some ERP/CRM provides this functionality but are not very flexible. However Dynamics provide advance feature for reporting and document management. It is very easy to attach, retrieve and update documents using the inbuilt notes and attachments feature of Dynamics CRM, On top of that it also supports integration with SharePoint Library, which helps organization to easily share reports and documents with users which are not even using Dynamics. This system is not only limited to document management but also supports reporting service which can display highly sophisticated calculations in more flexible manner.


Integrating one system with different platform and services can be a difficult task and requires a lot of IT efforts, resources and time. A healthcare provider might be already using a SAP system or mobile application or website for service and management. Dynamics CRM can be integrated to work seamlessly with existing system. Following are some major integration that Dynamics Supports: SharePoint, Power BI, Outlook, OneNote and Telephonic System.

Field or Onsite Service

Every service provider now a days are into providing field service or onsite service and so does healthcare providers. Dynamics CRM comes up with a great solution for a flexible and highly productive module, known as Dynamics CRM Field Service which is packed with some top feature like Work Order Management, Resource Scheduling, Case Management, Finding service agents based on bandwidth, Finding service agents based on skills and ratings, service agents location and time tracking etc.


Considering the latest trends in technology, Organizations are moving faster towards adopting latest and right technology to increase revenue while taking care of factors that affect individual efforts. Mobility is the solution for a quick and pocket friendly access to your system and all of its features. Legacy system does not support mobility as a result of which users end up using PC or Laptop every time for any information they need. Healthcare providers, now a days are much focused on mobility, they want everyone almost everyone in the organization to use all features of their system right into pocket for quick access. Mobility offers new opportunities to improve healthcare support. Dynamics CRM provides a user friendly, easy to use mobile application for windows, Mac, iOS and Android platform with same look and feel of using the system on PC or a Laptop. This application can even be used when device is offline, which means user do not have to worry about networks and internet connectivity. All changes will be automatically synced up with server when device comes back online.


Top Features

Dyanmic CRM for Insurance

Microsoft Dynamics CRM  fits well into Healthcare environment regardless of the size of business. We have been implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM  for multiple domains and have tailored solution capture diverse domain specific needs.

Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare

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